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Press Release - AgriSync Releases Version 3.0

AgriSync Redefines Service Innovation with 3.0 Release


Waukee, IA – AgriSync, Inc., a cloud-based communication software improving collaboration between agriculture advisors and their customers, announces the release of a major upgrade to its platform. The upgrade, referred to as AgriSync 3.0, is a complete redesign of the platform that helps improve stability, allows for expansion on a global scale, adds new features, and makes it easier to adopt and integrate.

“The release of AgriSync 3.0 is our most significant and customer-driven software release yet,” says Casey Niemann, President and Founder of AgriSync. “The innovations and evolution behind the product are motivated by the desire to meet the growing needs of ag-service professionals. Built from the ground up, the upgrade gives us the ability to continue to serve and grow our current customer base while increasing our ability to expand into new markets and serve enterprise customers.”

The upgrade, built on cloud-based technologies, improves existing features such as VoiceHubTM and Broadcast, while adding new features like TeamStream, an internal messaging tool, and customer segmentation. Additionally, AgriSync has opened its ability to connect to other software programs and operate internationally. The web and mobile apps showcase a sleek interface providing a modern user experience and simple navigation.

“This upgrade went beyond simply adding new features to the software and really focused on providing benefits that will allow our customers to improve the customer experience they can offer,” notes Director of Customer Success, Bobby Godbersen. “Designed to allow for flexibility and continuous evolution, we are ready to meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow at a pace faster than ever before.”

The new software is immediately available at agrisync.com the App Store and on Google Play.

For more event details, contact:
Michael Kremer
Head of Marketing

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