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AgriSync: Our Ag Tech, Startup Journey Begins Here; Follow Along- We Dare You.

There’s something highly attractive about a fresh start, a clean slate, and an open door to successes and achievable dreams. When there’s passion, drive, motivation to solve a problem, and a group of like-minded folks; anything is possible.

AgriSync started with an idea that sparked within our president, Casey Niemann- ex Microsoft employee. The world he had once known was looking for a little spice, adventure, and risk; Thus began the AgriSync journey in 2014.

Lucky for Casey- he began to find his diamonds in the rough to accompany him along the way. We now have a team of three working towards the cause- Casey Niemann, Jerrod Westfahl, and Bailey Miller. There are also five others who we rely on daily to improve software development and provide design expertise.

As a group of first time entrepreneurs, we can be honest here and say we don’t have it all figured out, but we will surely put in the effort to try each day. That’s all we can do to improve ourselves and to make AgriSync succeed so we can provide a better solution for remote support in agriculture.

Our AgriSync journey is still young, alive, and ever changing. Every day we will push ourselves to learn more, better the product, provide the best customer service, and be an influential face for agriculture technology start-up companies. This is where we want to share our experience with our followers, investors, customers, family and friends. We want you all to feel like you are a part of this journey so join us and hang on tight.

Stay in tune with us and look for updates a couple times per month. We will be sharing personal stories, AgriSync best practices, special guest features, customer highlights, and much more.

Cheers to taking risks, following your passions, and bringing creativity into solving the world’s problems! Let the journey begin.