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AgriSync goes after 'practical' ag-tech, raises $450,000

"A central Iowa startup founded by an ex-Microsoft employee is looking to offer farmers a pragmatic way to ask for help while they are out in the field."


"I like to tell people that while most of ag-tech has been focused on data and drones, we address a more practical issue and that is ‘how do I get help when this technology breaks?'" said Casey Niemann, the founder of AgriSync.

Based in Dallas Center, AgriSync has raised a $450,000 seed round. The company has built an app to connect farmers with advisers -- such as agronomists or IT experts -- in real time with live video.

The idea is to help both farmers and advisers cut down on the time and expense it takes to fix a problem.

For example, if a farmer notices an error or problem with the dashboard in his tractor, he could use the app to connect remotely with someone with the expertise to help. Instead of waiting for the expert to show up in the field, the issue could be dealt with as soon as the adviser is available.

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