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Kerryann Kocher and Joel Harris Join AgriSync as Advisors

As Advisors, Kocher and Harris Will Help AgriSync Expand its Emphasis on Animal Agriculture

AgriSync, Inc., an Iowa-based firm, announces the formal appointment of Kerryann Kocher and Joel Harris as corporate advisors. Their deep domain knowledge and operating experience will shape AgriSync’s strategy to bring its collaboration software solutions to the front lines of animal agriculture. Casey Niemann, AgriSync President and CEO, noted the move is an important part of the firm’s maturation. “From its beginning, AgriSync has been driven to improve collaboration between the experts, firms, brands and customers in all facets of agriculture. Most of our early users have been in the crop side of the agriculture family tree. With these appointments, we look forward to delivering even deeper value for the people in animal agriculture,” Niemann said.

Kerryann Kocher and Joel Harris  Kocher brings significant commercial operations experience to the role, with extensive stints at two leading global animal health firms. As an income statement owner for many years in the complex protein sector, Kocher has unique insight into how senior leaders in animal industries look for opportunities to bring effective solutions to bear for their people and customers.

“I’m impressed by the practical value and immediate return on investment AgriSync’s system has the potential to create,” Kocher remarked. “The opportunities are substantial, and the timing is right for a firm with AgriSync’s vision and capability to become a core solutions partner throughout the protein value chain.” Kocher is an Iowa native and resides in the animal health corridor near Kansas City. She is the Principal of Rock Road Consulting.

Harris built his early career with Harrisvaccines, an animal health firm. His roles ran the gamut from operations to information management to sales and marketing until the firm’s sale to Merck Animal Health where he continued on with the business integration, technology transfer and global marketing plan for the vaccine platform product line. Harris later served as product and marketing strategy lead for a software firm focused on solutions for the animal health service sector. He is Co-Director of the Ag Startup Engine, an early stage investment consortium active throughout middle Iowa’s technology ecosystem.

“I’ve known the AgriSync team for several years,” Harris said, “and their progress has been fun to watch. I’m thrilled to play a role in helping them in their next phase. They’ve proven their ability to be agile and effective collaborators with a wide range of firms in crop production. Multiplying their effort to do the same in animal agriculture is a natural next step for AgriSync.” Harris is also an Iowa native, and he splits his time between Chicago and central Iowa. He is the President of Charter Oak Creative.