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AgriSync App Gets an Upgrade

This article was originally published at the Successful Farming by Laurie Bedord. 

AgriSync, a collaboration and service management tool, has added new features that modernize the service experience.

“We listened to feedback from our customers and worked alongside our customers to create and deliver new features that help them have a centralized and connected service team, even when mobile,” says AgriSync president Casey Niemann. 

The new features include:

  • VoiceHub: When a customer uses AgriSync’s mobile call system, the call is simultaneously sent to a select team of advisers. If a member of the team is available, he or she can pick up the call instantly. If no team member is available, the customer can leave a recorded a voice ticket. The system will then send a text confirmation to the customer that the message was received. Thanks to this technology, ag advisers will be equipped with a call center on wheels, which provides the full power of a modern solution at a fraction of the cost.
  • Text to Join: While on a live call, an adviser can create a ticket in AgriSync and invite the farmer to join a live video session by simply clicking a text, all while tracking his time. Farmers do not have to download the AgriSync app and register before joining the first live call. The adviser still has the ability to control camera views, capture a screenshot, or invite a third party from his internal team or OEM. After the first live session, the farmer is asked to download the app to have one-touch access to his trusted team of advisers. The farmer can then easily create a ticket rather than having to call first.
  • Broadcast: Users can create a simple broadcast message to share proactive tips and reduce redundant support questions. Record or upload a one-minute video, select the audience, and send. The alert reaches a customer and internal staff on their cell phones without getting buried in email in boxes and social media posts. 

And because features are built at cloud scale, an adviser is able to work more efficiently in responding to issues. The adviser will also have more control when updating call teams and reporting and tracking sessions.

“As part of our mission to connect advisers with farmer customers, we want advisers to be able to meet customers wherever they are,” says Niemann. “We started with the broad idea to make collaboration easier between advisers and farmers. Now we’re building on that idea by adding new features that heighten the value advisers can deliver to their farmer customers by solving problems, making decisions, and maximizing uptime.” 

To learn more, visit agrisync.com.