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Why Does the Ag Tech Ecosystem Need a Simple Remote Support Platform to Reach its Full Potential?


The agriculture industry is feeling pressure to feed 9 billion people by 2050, making time and other resources more valuable than ever. Mobile-first, video-first collaboration tools purpose built for ag advisors and farmers can help immediately. Here are some reasons:

Reduce Downtime

With visual support, most non-toolbox issues such as resetting a monitor or adjusting equipment can be resolved remotely in less than 10 minutes.

Support More Farmer Customers

Visual support reduces advisor travel time and farmers get up and running quicker, maximizing problem resolution time for customers.

Reduce Farm Gate Travel Expenses

We know that a traditional farm gate service costs a dealer $400-$600 inclusive of labor, truck, and mileage and often takes 2+ hours to complete. Save time and money with a remote support solution.

Access to Experts Wherever they are for Faster Solutions

Farmers and subject matter expert advisors can reach each other more quickly via one touch virtual access. Farmers get solutions from agriculture professionals and agriculture professionals advise each other and farmers daily.

Organize On-the-Go Communication

Using a support platform that tracks time, individual tickets, notes, images and instant farmer feedback keeps advisors organized so they can stay focused on their most important activity – serving customers.

A simple-to-use, remote support solution should offer practical, effective benefits for farmers, ag professionals, and the broader agriculture industry, easing the challenge of feeding a hungry planet. We at AgriSync are thrilled to provide such a solution.