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4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Parts Department

We are in the thick of the busy spring planting season so when equipment breaks down, customers get frustrated. Your role in the parts department is to help customers get their parts as quickly and as smoothly as possible to get back up and running as soon as possible. Do you find that this task can be harder than it sounds with so many makes and models of equipment? Have you ever accidentally ordered the incorrect part based on the description you were given? Wouldn’t it be amazing if a customer could just text in a photo of their part and have a system track their request? If you’ve experienced anything like this, keep reading for a few solutions to help make your parts department and processes more efficient and effective.

The Order

You’ve been here before – you're on the phone with a customer who’s trying to describe what part they need to order. Either the description isn’t clear or the part numbers get mixed-up, so by the time they come to pick it up you realize you’ve ordered the wrong one. Now you must re-clarify, re-order and return the work you’ve done.

This mistake will cost you time and money, not to mention delaying the customer from getting their equipment working. This is not the ideal customer experience that you strive to give.

text_in_a_partWhat if you could allow customers to text you a picture of the part they need, and have a ticket automatically created for tracking and follow up? The AgriSync platform allows you to do just that; you’ll know who needed the part, the exact part they needed, and any other information they’ve sent you about it.

Keeping Track

Take your one customer and multiply that by five, ten, or even twenty plus customer requests a day. How can you possibly keep track of each and every detail? Do you use the tried and true method of using a note pad and pen leaving you with pages of notes that can get lost in the shuffle? Do you have a system on your computer that works ok, but could definitely be better? Have you found that despite your best efforts, a few details now and again have fallen through the cracks? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

The ticketing system within AgriSync not only crates a ticket automatically when a customer calls or texts in, but it also allows you to take notes within each ticket so you don’t forget the details. Keep the details with the exact ticket they belong and stop searching through your dozens of sticky notes.

The Pickup

You call a customer to tell them their parts are ready for pickup and they say “Great I’ll be there soon, just need to finish this up quick.” But after getting off the phone, the call soon slips their mind and the box inevitably sits there for days unclaimed. Or worse, they might not even pick up the phone, causing you to leave a voicemail and hope that they listen.

Additionally, a quick text reminder allows you to send the message out again without taking time away from your day to make the phone call.

Curbside Pickup has quickly become a popular option for parts pickup. Having a text-friendly number for your parts department allows your team members to be notified when customers arrive. You can reply back via text from your hotline letting them know you’re brining their order out.

After Hours

Agriculture never stops, so it’s important you’re available to support customers when they need it. When customers call individual cell phones, the result is employee burn-out and untracked issues.

AgriSync’s ring schedule allows you to devise a game plan or which employees will be on call to help deliver the best possible service to your customers.

Additionally, customers can create a support ticket 24/7. If your team can’t get to the phone during after-hours, you’ll receive a voicemail ticket accessible to your entire team to ensure someone follows-up.

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