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3 Tips for Using AgriSync this Harvest

Harvest will be busy and likely chaotic. In an effort to manage the chaos, we've compiled some tips to make this harvest season easier.

  1. Update your AgriSync App: If your phone isn't setup for automatic app updates, take a few seconds to go to the app store and make sure your AgriSync app is up-to-date.

  2. Remind Customers Where to Call or Text for Help: The Broadcast beta tool allows you to send bulk text messages to customers. You can use this tool for proactive alerts, video tips or to simply remind customers where to call or text if they need assistance.

    For more ideas on getting customers to call your hotline, check out our article on VoiceHub Best Practices.

  3. Use Live Video for Quicker Problem Resolution: If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is video worth? Your customers have complex issues that are difficult to understand over the phone. Invite any customer with a smart phone into a live video call. They can join via a simple text message without having to download an app or register for a service.
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