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3 Steps to Introduce Service at Your Next Customer Clinic

The best service approach is a proactive one. Make sure your farmer customers are connected with your team of experts before they need help. Going into planting and harvest, your customers will have confidence that you're readily available and will be prepared to ask for help through AgriSync, where you can easily manage many issues and share the workload across your team.

Follow these 3 steps to introduce your farmer customers to AgriSync during your next customer clinic.

Before the Clinic

1. Share your VoiceHub™ number.

Is your personal cell phone the life line to all things support in your company? Make sure customers have your support hotline number so issues aren't lost in personal cell phones. Follow these instructions to bulk text your VoiceHub™ number to customers so they can quickly access your support team.

2. Customize and share these 3 slides.

We know you are busy, so here are 3 slides to easily customize and share at your next meeting. Follow these links for green, red, blue, and grey slides with a video introducing AgriSync and steps to connect with your team. Just add your logo, company name, and VoiceHub number.


During the Clinic

3. Text "App" to your VoiceHub number.

During customer clinics, show the slides you customized in the last step and play the introductory AgriSync video. Ask your farmer customers to pull out their phones and text "App" to your VoiceHub number to get connected before they need help. They'll receive a link to download the app and automatically be connected to your team of experts. There's no more digging through apps to find the App Store or searching through contacts to find your team.