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3 Must-Haves for the Connected Agriculturist


Connected producers and agriculture professionals rely on smartphones, tablets, and mobile technologies to run efficient operations. AgriSync is one of the emerging must-have solutions helping agriculturists achieve this goal by maximizing uptime.

AgriSync makes it possible for farmers to connect directly with their trusted advisors to quickly solve non-toolbox issues through real-time video chat. From our perspective at AgriSync, there are three must-haves to protect and get the most out of the mobile technologies that keep you up and running.

1. Phone Mount

Nobody has enough hands to do all of the things that need to get done on the farm, and propping your phone up on a knee or in the dash just isn’t effective. Whether you’re in the cab of a truck or the cab of a tractor, a phone mount will help to keep your phone accessible and protected while you connect with your trusted contacts.

2. Protective Case

Dropping phones on concrete shop floors or in a water trough is a reality on the farm. Our mission at AgriSync is to reduce downtime. That means downtime resulting from phone damage is unacceptable, too. Life on the farm calls for a case that can handle the water, dirt, and the inevitable drop or two.

That’s where IntelliSkin™ with GDS Technology™ from RAM® Mounts comes in. IntelliSkin is a protective sleeve for your phone or tablet with military drop-grade protection. Even better, it features an integrated GDS® connector as well as exterior charging contacts designed for repetitious docking.

3. Charging Dock

We’ve all suffered the sudden black screen of death at the most inconvenient time. Portable chargers just make for extra wires and there’s plenty going on in the cab without the added clutter. An out of sight, out of mind charging dock is a necessity when you’re trying to quickly solve issues on real-time video chat to minimize downtime.

GDS docks from RAM Mounts are compatible with the IntelliSkin line. This means you’re able to install a dock directly in your cab, and then keep your IntelliSkin-protected device charged while placed securely on the dock.

Originally published at Ram Mounts. Put your mobile technology to best use and keep your trusted contacts at your fingertips: check out all the RAM Mounts solutions to seamlessly mount, charge and protect your devices.