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ZimmComm: 2019 Develop with Deere Interview


Listen to the interview with Chuck Zimmerman of ZimmComm and Casey Niemann of AgriSync here.

CZ: Tell me your name and the company you work for and a little bit about what you do.

CN: My name's Casey Niemann. I'm the Founder of AgriSync and we're the first mobile customer service platform built specifically from the ground up for modern-day agriculture.

CZ: Tell me a little bit about your tool or application that you guys do.

CN: With AgriSync, we allow your experts to be able to see, solve, and track their customer service issues. We allow them to scale their expertise to more farmers and provide a degree of customer service that allows them to differentiate their services.

CZ: How does that work with the John Deere Operation Center?

CN: We've been fortunate to partner with John Deere for a number of years and we primarily are focused on the human element of customer service. So when we think about all of the new things that the John Deere platform has to offer and specifically the Operation Center, we recognize that from time to time it takes a little bit of hand-holding to get more to adopt these new technologies. So where AgriSync comes into play is we allow the experts inside of the John Deere dealership to be able to provide great customer service and support around the Operation Center. When we think about all the cool things that Operation Center allows us to do in terms of planning and data insights, this ability to maximize the operational health of the farm.

Our focus is on the human element, the human conversations that go on. We have a number of John Deere dealers that use our service as part of their aftermarket service plan and they do so because we allow them to automatically track their time to mobilize customer service to know before they go in terms of seeing and supporting an issue.

We also give them this ability to have a physical call center capability through their smartphone.

If you think about a farmer who's adopting the new Gen 4 display, they need a little hand-holding and their best approach would be to have you sitting there in the buddy seat of the cab with them 24/7. But since that's not possible, we allow you to do with that AgriSync. To be able to have your team of experts remotely receive a ticket or a support request -- and they can do that through a text, a phone call, or a free farmer app. When you receive that request, you have the ability to assign the team member and have your time automatically tracked. You can respond back with a picture or a video or click into a live video session for you to see exactly what the farmer seeing and hopefully resolve that issue, saving them the time of waiting on you and really maximizing the farmers time and productivity with the Operation Center.

CZ: Talk a little bit more about the opportunity this is providing to John Deere dealers.

CN: Our fundamental belief is that if you're an expert inside of John Deere, in ISG, parts, or service, your time is valuable and you need an efficient way to distribute that time and to be able to track it. So for a lot of dealerships, they recognize that there's a lot of hand-holding that goes on with helping the farmer adopt some of the new platform technologies that they have from Deere. We allow them to do that in a very efficient way because now they've got a modern customer service platform that was really built with them in mind recognizing that they're mobile. Doing a lot of this from a smartphone and this ability now to be able to have a more organized way to manage. The chaos of modern-day agriculture is really fundamental to our belief at AgriSync.