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10 Ways Dealers are Promoting Service to Customers

Your service team is set up with AgriSync. You've done practice sessions with your team and know how to open support tickets, start live video sessions, and categorize your tickets. Your internal team is already collaborating through AgriSync, but you know you'll get the highest return on investment when more farmers connect with you on AgriSync.

After all, your first advisor seat paid for itself after just one session when you didn't have to spend half a day traveling out to the farm. So how do you get your farmers connected and start seeing even more ROI on AgriSync?

Here's ten ideas dealerships are using to get connected with farmer customers on AgriSync.

1. Do a 1:1 session with customers while they are in the dealership. 

There's nothing like 1:1 time with customers when you're introducing a new product or service. If your customers are in the dealership, take five minutes to sit down with them and show them exactly how you can help solve issues faster with AgriSync. Make sure they have the app downloaded, are connected with you, and know how to submit a ticket before they leave the dealership.

Philip Christensen at Papé Machinery introduces customers to AgriSync before they leave the dealership. 

2. Bulk invite customers.

The best way to quickly get the word out is through a bulk invitation. You upload your customer list, we send a text invitation, customers are connected with you. When invited customers download the app, they are automatically connected with your team. Follow the steps outlined in this help article to send a bulk invitation.


3. Display promotional materials.

Promote your investment in service through printed marketing materials. We've put together some templated resources for postcards and business cards that you can quickly grab and customize in PowerPoint. Just add your logo and VoiceHub number. Get the templates here.


PrairieLand Partners in Kansas included this promotion in their publication to customers and prospects. 

4. Post a blog article.

Let your customers know you are prioritizing customer service with a blog post. You can use this template to start. Just copy and paste, then update the text to include your VoiceHub™ number. Be sure to share your new blog post out across email and social platforms.


5. Share on social media.

Share a post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or whatever social platforms your customers are on. Download and share this brief tutorial video to let your farmer customers know what AgriSync is, how to connect with you, and how to alert your team of an issue.

"We're using AgriSync to deliver better service. Please watch this short video and text App" to ###-###-#### to connect with our team on AgriSync before you need help. Text or call ###-###-#### to alert our entire support team for fast issue resolution."



Green Country Equipment tweeted about their service partnership with AgriSync. 

6. Send an email announcement.

In your next email newsletter, discuss your investment in service. You can copy and paste the text below, just add your VoiceHub™ number and a link back to your blog (see Step 4). 

Connect with ACME on AgriSync for support.

AgriSync allows you to connect with our team across video, voice, and text on any device for support. With AgriSync, you can show us exactly what you see in real time so we can help you get back up and running fast and get the most out of your high-tech investments. To get connected, just text "App" to ###-###-###. (Insert your VoiceHub number here.) Read more about our commitment to service and how you can get connected here. (Link this to your latest blog post!)

newsletter HTS Ag communicated the benefits of connecting on AgriSync to their customers in their monthly newsletter.

7. Put service on the agenda at customer clinics. 

While you're hosting customer clinics, take five minutes to let your customers know about your investment in service. Here's a blog with 3 steps to introduce service at your next customer clinic.

We know you are busy, so here are 3 slides to easily customize and share at your next meeting. Follow these links for green, red, blue, and grey slides with a video introducing AgriSync and steps to connect with your team. Just add your logo, company name, and VoiceHub number.


8. Update your personal voicemail message.

When farmers call your personal number, let them know they can now reach you via your VoiceHub line. Their chances of connecting with a live advisor will be higher and you can avoid a full voicemail box. Update your personal voicemail message and include the number to your VoiceHub line.

"You've reached Joe at ACME, I'm not available at the moment. If you need assistance with a support issue, please call our Precision Line at xxx-xxx-xxxx."  

9. Add AgriSync to your service page on your website.

Take a service-first approach to your website. Make your Service page easily accessible and be clear about your service promise to customers. Include video references from customers and details about your value-added service. Include clear instructions of how customers can connect with your team of experts on AgriSync.


Central Illinois Ag is letting customers know how they can benefit from AgriSync and how to get connected on their service page. 

10. Include AgriSync in your service plan.

Alongside in-warranty service inspections, monitor setups, and training sessions, include AgriSync as a value-added service option in your service plan.


Redline Equipment is offering a Precision Farming Support Package on their website.

Here's an editable PowerPoint template to help you get started with your service plan. Offer remote support for setup questions and monitor troubleshooting. Include access to proactive tips from your service team to get ahead of issues, especially for common calibration issues.  service-plan-example