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AgriSync Acquired by Deere & Company: FAQ

 Below are questions and answers to help you understand AgriSync’s change in ownership announced today.


What announcement was made concerning John Deere and AgriSync?
Deere & Company has acquired AgriSync. 


What type of communication should I expect from AgriSync?

Your account administrator will be receiving an email in with specific guidance regarding how the acquisition impacts your account. Please contact your company's account administrator for further details.

What type of support will I have during the transition? 

After reviewing specific guidance sent to your account admin, if you still have questions related to the transition, please complete this form. For non-transition related questions, continue to reach out to us via normal channels for feature and app-related support. 

Can I export my Customer Data? 

Yes, you can export your Customer Data. Your company's team admin can follow these instructions. 

Can I take my VoiceHub numbers with me?

You can request a port (transfer) of your public numbers to a telecommunications provider subject to provisions in Section 8 of the AgriSync Terms of Service. You must select a new provider first because only a new provider initiates a port. Not all numbers can be ported. Please see details here.


Will I still have access to beta features? 

No. We will be turning off beta features for all AgriSync users in mid-December. Standard AgriSync features will continue to work with no action on your part.

Who has access to my customer data?
Deere & Company will not access or use customer data from any non-Deere or Deere dealer source. See Section 7 of the AgriSync Terms of Service for more detail. All customer data will be deleted 30 days after the subscription terminates or expires.


I still have questions. Where can I get answers? 

Please direct all questions to this form.