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A customer support mobile app
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Modern Farmers

Faster service when equipment breaks down or technology glitches

Access to all of your trusted advisors

Live video chat support

Your advisor can “see what you see”

Simple and free to use

Trusted Advisors

Scale your expertise and help more farmers, more often for less cost

Resolve issues quickly with live video chat

Stay organized with your customer service dashboard

Get instant feedback from your customers

Receive support from your team and others in the AgriSync network

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Stay organized with issue tracking and live video chat

Live video technology

‘See-what-I-see’ video to resolve issues remotely.

Instant feedback from farmers

After each session, feedback is given to the advisor from the farmer so advisors can rate the quality of service.

Ticketing System for Tracking Support

Track every support session with farmers and advisors. Measure length of service call + flag specific tickets or mark others as billable.

Individual & Team Web Dashboard

Being mobile is key but when you or central office staff need to see progress and service on the desktop, do so with the online web dashboard.

Free For Farmers

Track Time, Feedback, and Collaborate with a Team Advisor Dashboard

  • Track Time

  • Team Collaboration

  • Export to Excel

  • Share Results

  • Brand Your Dashboard

  • Assign Tickets

  • Click to Video

See what others are saying about AgriSync

"We are new users to AgriSync, but see great value in it. The ability to remotely support a customer is becoming increasingly important in today's world. We utilize John Deere's RDA to support their displays. AgriSync takes it to the next level by giving us better visibility to what the customer is experiencing, and allowing us to better support them by reducing or possibly eliminating a visit to the tractor."

Barry Peterson, Papé

“We provide innovative solutions that help our customers be more efficient and productive, and reduce downtime, AgriSync helps us do that. We’re enhancing customer support and are standing by our commitment to keep our farmers up-and-running.”

Jeff Lemna, Director of Customer Support of RDO Equipment Co

"AgriSync gives our customers a better support experience, and it gives our company the ability to handle high support volume more effectively and efficiently. Its a total WIN!"

Mike Houghtaling, P&C Ag Solutions

"As a technology company that uses aerial imagery equipment as the bases of our service we are often faced with minor troubleshooting issues at extremely time critical moments in our operation. AgriSync will allow our pilots to log a query and get a fast response from our support team. The seamless cross platform video calling feature will dramatically reduce our troubleshooting process which in the past has been fairly blind."

Lucian Banitz

"With AgriSync, we are able to be more efficient talking to our customers, doing diagnostics quicker, and getting our customers up and running sooner rather than later."

Corey Reker, Jaycox Implement

"The interaction is intuitive and efficient and support is a more satisfying experience for everyone."

Doug Applegate, Praxidyn

"With our technicians able to see what the customer sees, we can walk them through solutions to their problems or find errors in setup more efficiently rather than having to go to the field."

Scott Meldrum, Van Wall

"We were very interested in AgriSync because we can be more efficient and help our customers faster. We will be able to see what they are seeing so that we can fix issues quicker."

Jeremy Marston, TruAcre

"AgriSync is a great, user-friendly app that allows clearer communication between farmer and technician when an in-field visit isn't the most efficient option for troubleshooting. Also, the ability of the AgriSync platform to track support call times and user satisfaction in real-time is priceless."

Matthew Blackerby, Ray Lee Equipment

"AgriSync helps us with dealing with customers that are greater distances from our location. We have four stores and the PF specialist who may be working with a customer may not always be the one that is closest to the customer. It is helpful to be able to go back and get a list of past tickets to help us make sure we are getting our time billed out. The reason that I first tried AgriSync was the ability to do video calls with customers."

Jason Pennycook, Johnson Tractor

“This is a great tool to help us help our clients. When someone has 8-10 counties like we do this could be a substantial savings of time & expense.”

Mark Johnson, Field Agronomist

“AgriSync allows our factory representatives to connect face-to-face with our customers providing a quick, easy, and invaluable customer service tool. This tool provides our customers less down time due to immediate real-time troubleshooting while saving the expenses of driving directly to the customer's location.”

Steve Sernett, Precision Product Manager

“AgriSync would provide us with a platform to stay better connected with our crop consulting clients as well as our own team of agronomists. Real-time, in-field issues can now be shared with the grower and act as an instant alert for those scouting other farms.”

Craig Marsh, Complete Agronomy

"AgriSync has not only helped me do our job easier and faster, but also saved us un-billable time to the customer. I look forward to using it in the future to solve problems!"

Jake Vansant, Binkley & Hurst

“AgriSync is an innovative solution to providing better customer service. The thing I like best about it is the simple-to-use, one button, real-time communication point between our team and customers,”

Wayne Fischer, Torgerson’s

"Worked great. I was trying to troubleshoot a problem on a planter I sold to a producer in Georgia. My dealership is in Nebraska. While I didn't get the problem completely solved I was able to see first hand what the issue was without having to buy an expensive plane ticket to visually see the issue. Great product!!!"

Adam Jech, Pender Implement Co.

"It has been a very useful and timesaving new app that has been well liked by myself and our customers. It's easy to use and has saved hundreds of miles already this spring by not having to drive to the problem. I am looking to expand on our trial use from this spring to a larger customer base as the year goes on. The #1 great thing about AgriSync is that it is free to the farmer, exactly what they want to hear!"

Dan Pate, Caroline Implement

"After using AgriSync, it has helped me interact with growers and now gives me the ability to provide prompt and precise help to get them up and going quicker. The biggest thing is being able to actually see what the customer is trying to get help with, knowing what buttons they are pushing and not having to guess what they are trying to explain to you."

Scott Budke, Budke Precision Ag Solutions

"I fixed the salesmen up with AgriSync so I can help them while they are out with customers. One salesmen called while he was delivering the machine and needed help setting up the display layout. For me, this is one of the hardest things to do on a John Deere display without seeing it. AgriSync made it easy and we gave the customer a good experience too."

Marty Albrecht, PrairieLand Partners


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